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Sumicerezo – Plum Blossoms

This is a re-interpretation of a famous Sumi-e painting. Ume, the flowering plum, was considered one of the four forms that could be used to draw all forms. It was one of the "Four Honorable Knights".

Category: Re-interpreted artwork

External links

This video shows the modified printrbot, named ArtBot, used to paint the entries.The ArtBot paints with watercolors and is capable of a palette of 6 to 8 colors. This year we are exploring the world of sumi-e style paintings. The video shows a single brush head, however the extruder gear mount can be fitted with a 4 brush turret.

The Story of ArtBot

This article gives the details of the development of ArtBot. It describes the art, the robot, the software, and future paths.

GitHub Link for ArtBot-2017

GitHub link to mechanical and software files used in the DPRG ArtBot-2017 project.


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