New York University Shanghai

Interactive Media Arts

Captain: Jack B. Du (Jiadong Du)

Jack B. Du (Jiadong Du) is a 4th year student at New York University Shanghai, double majoring in Computer Science and Interactive Media Arts with a minor in Studio Art. This robot is built as part of his capstone project for Interactive Media Arts. Inspired by the American artist Chuck Close, who produces both photorealistic and abstract expressionistic paintings even though a catastrophic spinal artery collapse in 1988 left him severely paralyzed, this robot has similar constraints due to the nature of its design, a mobile robot with regular DC motors and omni wheels, which is far from accurate, yet it is still able to produce representational works with the help of computer vision and in a style inspired by Close. A reference image is first converted to lower resolution, and then painted pixel by pixel. Each pixel is roughly hand size and each work is roughly human size, or even larger. When viewed closely, the work is abstract yet sophisticated, while viewed far away, the abstraction starts to form the shapes and tonality from its reference image, which is what makes each work unique. More info about the robot at minusetheartbot.github.io, more info about Du at jackbdu.com.

Original Artwork

Hole, 176 x 176 cm
Circle, 176 x 176 cm
Pointer, 176 x 176 cm
Black to White, 176 x 176 cm
Self-Portrait, 176 x 176 cm

Re-Interpreted Artwork

Steve Jobs, 250 x 176 cm
Hand, 176 x 176 cm
Apple, 176 x 176 cm
Nicole Chan, 176 x 176 cm
Shirky’s Eye, 352 x 352 cm
WWF, 176 x 176 cm