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Portrait of David Cuartielles

This is a portrait of David Cuartielles. At Maker Faire in Rome 2017 I had the opportunity to personally meet David Cuartielles, founder and CEO of one of the most important open hardware and software projects of the present day: ARDUINO. My robot is designed from an Arduino board so that meeting meant a lot to me. David Cuartielles personally visited the stand where he was showing my project, and he did it at the same time he was painting his portrait, so the moment was truly magical. I gave that portrait to David and now hangs on some wall of his laboratory at the University of Malmo in Sweden. The portrait I present here is another version in A4 format. (

Category: Re-interpreted artwork

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Maker Faire Roma 2017. Meeting David Cuartielles while the Portrait Painter Robot paint your portrait.


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