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The LED screens consist of tiny dots, called pixels. Each pixel consists of red, green and blue subpixels set to varying intensities to create all the color combinations that we see. It mean that when you look at the screen up close, you will only see red, green and blue. Our brain interprets these colors and mixes them into yellow, orange, purple and etc. due to an illusion. LCD screen manufacturers take advantage of several visual processing tricks or optical illusions to display screen images. In this artwork, the proposed collaborative robot or Co-bot system records volumes of digital data about the position and force form the artists. It can learn skill of artist such as tapping method, blending method, stabbing method, scrubbing method, sliding brush stroke and line brush stroke. When re-played, the robot will generate a perfect art work of the original strokes. Our software can use to edit the movement of robot and to improve the robot performance. Moreover, these digital files can be sent through the internet and the other robot can use to replay. White, red, green, and blue are used to paint the artwork. Several layers of paint are applied in this original artwork. We use round brush size 8 mm. The sizes of canvas and frame is 12” x 16”.

Category: Original artwork


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