Massachussetts Institute of Technology


Captain: Dane Kouttron

The team consists of robot enthusiasts who tinker on a number of projects at the MIT Electronics Research Society (MITERS). A number of robots have lurched from this laboratory, ranging from outdoor robotic snowblower contraptions to high speed electric skeleton sleds, to gargantuan 3D printers using surplus industrial robotic arms. BABOT’s story begins as an abandoned blue robot arm, (labeled BABOT) hiding in a nearby alumni’s abode, living in a corner as a decorative coat rack. After some convincing, it was moved to a more loving environment where we reverse engineered its inner workings, drew up kinematics and designed electronics to breathe life back into the bot. Each week more functions came to life as it grew more peripherals, ranging from an auto-brush cleaner to a wireless video game controller for remote adjusting. Each team member has different favorite painting mediums and varying approaches to painting. We’ve focused on developing creating art that's embracing to watch and entertaining to develop. A write up of our process can be found here:

Original Artwork

Stephen Hawking [Line Art]
Robert Mueller, Special Counsel
Happy Elefant
Sun Cloud
Moonrise over clouds

Re-Interpreted Artwork

Foolish Samurai Warrior
Defender of The Castle

Previous work gallery ( not eligible for competition )

Robot Overview
Mountain Sunset