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A Roboto

Data Science Lab

# Background: We are members of technical community called Data Science Lab (DSL) from Japan. DSL focus is creating new things in the latest technology area. We love art. Yet, not everybody is good at painting. Hence, the goal of our project is to enable people to paint beautiful real paintings with a help of a robot. Luckily, my friend from Yamaha Motor Company helped us to borrow a great robotic arm entirely for free. We started painting this March and continuously progressed, never forgetting our underlying motivation - to create something aesthetic and beautiful. Detail about our works->

Re-Interpreted Artwork

a horseapproved

Previous work gallery ( not eligible for competition )

[test-05] (2018/03/29)approved
[test-03] Painting with horizontal line and outline (2018/03/21)approved
[test-01] Our 1st painting (2018/03/10)approved
Introduction of our robotic systemapproved