The Robot Art Competition and Exhibition!

The 2019 “4th Annual” International Robotic Art Competition with $40,000 in cash prizes is now open for team registration.  The contest’s goal is to challenge teams to produce something visually beautiful with robotics – that is, to have a robot use physical brushes and paint to create an artwork.  Read more about robotic art and the philosophy behind the competition.

Register your team now!  Want to vote in 2019? – Sign up to be a judge!

Finalists will be exhibited at the 2019 Seattle Art Fair!

The competition is ideal for students or professionals involved in robotics, machine learning and image processing – especially those who have an appreciation for art (or artists with a tech side).   There is no cost to enter and any robotic system can be used. Teams can enter up to 6 paintings in each of the categories of “original artwork” , reinterpreted artwork” where a reference image or existing artwork is used as a reference, and “standard” where everyone paints the same painting (new this year!).  See the Info & Rules page for more.

Below are a few of the submissions from previous years – check out the winners for the 2018, 2017, and 2016 Robot Art Competitions.

[simple_thumb_link project=”3721″][simple_thumb_link project=”3877″][simple_thumb_link project=”4286″][simple_thumb_link project=”4181″]

[simple_thumb_link project=”2555″][simple_thumb_link project=”2286″][simple_thumb_link project=”4160″][simple_thumb_link project=”1999″]

[simple_thumb_link project=”2067″][simple_thumb_link project=”2121″][simple_thumb_link project=”1926″][simple_thumb_link project=”2513″]

[simple_thumb_link project=”2602″][simple_thumb_link project=”2909″][simple_thumb_link project=”1758″][simple_thumb_link project=”2058″]

Here are some examples of previous winners in action.