Thanks for participating in the RobotArt Competition!

The contest’s goal is to challenge teams to produce something visually beautiful with robotics – that is, to have a robot use physical brushes and paint to create an artwork.  Check out the rules to learn more about the contest requirements.

You can update your team’s information and upload artwork (and supporting videos, photos, and links to articles/etc) on your Team Profile page.

Here’s an example of one of the winning entries for the 2016 contest in action.

We will again have a combination of professional art critics, tech celebrities, and the general public score the artwork.  You can also signup now to be notified when it’s time to come see the artwork submissions and vote.

In last years competition, the expectations were modest – get as many teams as possible to setup a robot that can do any sort of painting.  I believe that we succeeded.  In total, there were 16 teams from 7 countries who submitted over 70 different artworks!

Winners were determined based on a combination of public voting (over 2200 people with a Facebook account voted), 5 judges consisting of working artists, critics, and technologists, and by how well the team met the spirit of the competition – that is, to create something beautiful using a physical brush and robotics and to share what they learned with others.  Below are a few of the submissions from last here – click here to see the team winners of the 2016 Robot Art Competition.

Albert Einstein

Crowd Source George Washington

Crowdsourced Washington

Patrick Tabarelli, 2015, {M}, 200x400cm


Patrick Tabarelli, {CA}, 2015, liquid watercolor on cotton paper, 210x240cm (70x40cm each)


Isaac Asimov Portrait

Isaac Asimov

Warholized Marilyn Monroe

Picassnake's paint of 'How Far by Greek Riots'

How Far by Greek Riots

Layers of Sunrise

Haptic Art

Read more about robotic art and the philosophy behind the competition.