Ballet Des Moines

The Manibus Project incorporates technology, ballet, and painting. A motion-controlled electronic device utilizes the dynamic motion of ballet and translates it into paint on paper. The dancer wears a small and unobtrusive control device strapped to an arm or leg during rehearsal. The device acts as a motion-sensing remote control that instructs the movement of a wireless robotic painting device. Thereby, the dancer’s motions are rendered and reconfigured as marks in paint. This process captures the ephemeral qualities of dance, and translates them into a sustaining adaptation evidenced by the visual art of painting. The process of creation becomes the resulting work of art. In Latin, the word Manibus means “the hand.” This robotic device acts as an extension of the artist’s hand. It serves as a tool to create an artistic depiction of elapsed time. Rather than creating scientific or numerical data for analysis – as many of our modern devices do – it creates a painted form through which we can access what has transpired. The results present a new way in which we reconnect to or analyze an event emotionally. About the team: The Manibus Project is a collaboration envisioned by visual artist, Amenda Tate Corso. Amenda has a background in fine art and metalsmithing. She also draws influence from studies in Mechanical Engineering. Amenda is currently the Artist in Residence with Ballet Des Moines. Filmmaker Jack Meggers documents the Manibus project. Jack is a filmmaker whose experience spans the industry from NYC to Los Angeles. Jack writes and directs narrative feature films. Computer Engineer Sam Corso provides technical Support and programming for Manibus. Outside of his corporate career, Sam enjoys DIY, electronics projects, and home brewing beer. Ballet Des Moines is a professional ballet company under the Artistic Direction of Serkan Usta.

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