eegb Drawing Research Duo

The artist research group eegb was formed by Edmund Eva and George Baldwin in 2014. Eva and Baldwin are emerging new media artists currently based between the UK and Berlin. Their practice lies at the intersection of drawing and technology. eegb is motivated by the cultural impact of technology. Their process is a distinct attempt to use technology as a means of artistic expression and to gain a greater understanding of the world. This is in reaction to the passive, utilitarian use of technology in daily life. Fundamentally eegb build machines that draw. By surrendering to mechanical processes and automated programs the level of artistic control is obscured. Authorship of the work and the role eegb play as artists in it’s conception are left ambiguous. This provokes both awe and distress from an audience, revealing our underlying suspicion and fear of advancing technology. This is combined with the act of mark-making, inviting an audience to project anthropomorphic qualities onto the machines. This instigates an intimate response through reflection on their relationship and fascination with the process of drawing.

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