George Washington University

cloudPainter is the father son team of Pindar and Hunter Van Arman. They operate two painting robots, one named cloudPainter like the team, and the other bitPaintr. The machines are hybrid autonomous/telerobotic painting robots. Pindar looks to Hunter for inspiration on what would be cool and interesting to do with the robot, while Hunter learns about art and programming from his father. The robot uses a combination of their direction, crowd sourced audience participation, and artificial intelligence to create paintings in a variety of styles, though recently they have been concentrating on portraits. As part of this contest and and upcoming TEDx Talk, The cloudPainter Team has decided to begin releasing and opening up the source code behind the algorithms they use which includes Viola-Jones facial recognition, K-Means Clustering, Feedback Loops, Haar Cascades, among several others. Snippets of code are included in the various paintings here and will also be published online for talk and contest. (

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