I am an electronic engineer that loves art and mechanical systems, so Painter Bots are the ideal way of getting involved with both. As I am not part of a university or research group most of the ‘development’ happens after hours when the kids (and wife) are in bed. The robot I am entering is called Sonmi-3xx. She is an upgrade on my previous bot, Sonmi-213. Although she follows mostly the same behavior as her predecessor she now have vision to mix paint more accurately and also have the ability to change tools, i.e. brush to pen. The painting was painted in 3 steps. 1) drawing an outline of major edges to provide structure to the painting. 2) painting the values (brightness/contract) of the image with a large brush in black/white. 3) adding color with a thin brush. Most of the development was done in Processing, with some scripted image processing through GIMP and Potrace. The hardware is a simple XYZ axis painter bot that use a GRBL controller to process gcode send to it either in real time or from a file.

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