I am an artist from Australia, working mainly in oils and acrylics on canvas or art boards. My art career spans about 35 years of professional practice. I have mostly been a painter in a traditional, representational style, and have exhibited throughout Australia and internationally. I also have a Bachelor of Technology (Computer Studies) degree, through the RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. I have had a lifelong interest in the connection between art, science and technology, and have worked for many years with the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia, of which I am currently the treasurer. I first became interested in robotic painting in 2008, thinking how interesting it would be to create a robotic system that could produce artwork that that was not distinguishable from artwork done by a human artist. I built a small XYZ style robot and began experimenting. I developed programs modelled on my own approach to painting, trying to produce artworks similar to what I might have painted myself. Documentation of the robot painting process and sample code are on my website:

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