National Taiwan University

We come from the International Center of Excellence in Intelligent Robotics and Automation Research in National Taiwan University (NTU-iCeiRA). Our lab is mainly researching on three different area — Intelligent Robot Integrated Manufacturing Automation, Medical and Healthcare Robotics, and Service Robotics. In response to those who are pursuing more happiness or looking for methods to ease their stress, we also devoted ourselves to high intelligent entertainment robots. Because we are enthusiastic about both science and art, we thought of combining them together. That’s why the Robot Artist was born! Inspired by human artists’ painting behavior, we endowed the Robot Artist with the ability to create colorful artworks based on the visual feedback system. The Robot Artist can use only five basic colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, white and black) to mix a variety of colors. We also introduce the underpainting, which is an artistic technique often used in oil painting, into our painting process. The Robot Artist first covers the canvas with a thin layer of acrylic paint, which can effectively set the basic tone of the painting. Later, it uses the camera attached to the wrist to obtain the current artwork and repeatedly compare it with the original image. A set of hand-painted strokes is then generated using the techniques of non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) to make the artworks better. In order to make the robot paint more aesthetically, we consulted a Taiwanese professional artist, Chin-Yi Zhong, for some unbiased advices of the aesthetics and painting methodology. We hope our robot can sparkle new imaginations about art and bring more joys to our life! (More information about our robot on:

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