Rosemont High School

Our robotics team is a part of the FIRST which stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology,” and has a mission to create future leaders in the fields of science and technology. Our teams participate in both FTC(FIRST Technical Challenge)and FRC(FIRST Robotics Competition). In both competitions, we design, build, and program a robot for a sport-like game and compete in regional and national championships. During the off-season, we continue to build robots as well as participate in community events like the Essence of Rosemont with our robots. Within our team, there are three departments, building, programming, and business. The build team constructs the robot and obstacles in the game. Alongside them are the programmers. The programmers use programs such as Labview and Autodesk to code the robot and make sure that it does the tasks it needs to do during competition. The business team makes sure that our team has enough funding to support us through the competition build season. We all come together to teach one another various skills needed to succeed in not only the games but also in life. We are thankful to have so much support from our community, school, and fellow robotics teams. Without them we would not be able to gain the resources and knowledge we have today. We are also very thankful for each other. We consider our team as a family and we have grown so close and are extremely motivated by one another. This is our first year participating in Robotart, we hope to flourish and expand our horizons in the engineering field.

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