The Jeffersonian Institute

In the late 90’s arthritis set in so badly that my hands couldn’t take working with painting knives and I needed a way to continue my work in the theories of Matricism, a modern form of Pointillism. In this form of Pointillism I apply thick dots of oil paint to the canvas, the color of each dot is based on a form of color analysis based on mathematics, geometry, and algorithmic processes. Through Matricism, we were able to create the software and hardware that I us to apply dots of oil paint on a canvas. We chose a plotter instead of an armature design for durability and cost. My goal was to have robotics assist me with creating an original design still in the artist’s mind’s eye. Every decision that goes into the creation of an original painting had to remain mine and not based on an algorithm. It was only to replace my muscle and hand movements in applying the pigment to the canvas. The location of every dot, the color in 3 parts; the value, the hue and the intensity of every dot along with its volume and texture remains the domain of the artist made in advance of the execution. To meet the above requirements, every color had to be mixed by hand as it has been done for hundreds of years. This allowed us to isolate color as used in oil pigments from the color theories used in technology, ie. cameras, film or digital and computer language, etc. We created software where the artist could make every decision on design and record them in silicone so to speak. The following video gives a detailed explanation of how this tool is used, from conception of design through execution and completion of an original work of art.

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