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Brett Ames Portrait

This portrait is one of my larger ones at 30"x40". It was painted over the course of several days and was entirely automated, though there were some pre-painting human strokes. That is to say before it started painting, I traced black lines as a contour around much of the shapes in the painting, such as the guns. The robot then used these lines as a guide of sorts for generating its own strokes. It also returned to the strokes occasionally to execute them and emphasize the outlines. Because of this, it walks a fine line between automation and manual operation, on the side of automation, but some could argue it is also manual operation with a delay. Not sure where to put this type of painting, I included one here in the manual section and another similarly produced triple portrait of my children in the automated section.

Category: Manually (semi or full tele-robotic) generated

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Time-lapse of Brett Ames Portrait being Painted


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