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Homage To Jackson Pollock

For this artwork we also collaborated with Liat Grayver. Together we decided to create a painting that combines two styles that we had we recently investigated. One style is based on “procedural” rules that produce stroke patterns on a 2D plane, and the other consists of our “traditional” approach that automatically reproduces images using visual feedback and by deriving every parameter — brush stroke orientation, colour and other information — directly from the input image. As we are fans of Jackson Pollock paintings, we decided to create a work that would pay homage to him. We decided to use a famous picture of Pollock painting in his studio as a reference and employed these two styles for different parts of the painting. • PROCEDURE: First, e-David created the two paintings using the procedural approach (see We recorded the brush stroke sequences for both procedural paintings so that we could reuse it later in this project. Then we created a 3D Scene of e-David standing in a room, in a scene resembling the original Pollock picture. We then rendered the scene from a fitting perspective and extracted lighting, shadow, colour and geometric information to derive painting parameters that can be used by the visual feedback algorithm. We distorted the recorded brush strokes of our procedural paintings according to the perspective of our studio scene and painted them on the canvas. In doing so, we have the exact paintings that we previously generated, now inserted and integrated into the final painting, our “Homage to Jackson Pollock”

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We mounted a GoPro to e-David and recorded a sequence of brush strokes applying the color hue to the robot arm in the final painting.


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