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e-David Selfportrait

The inspiration behind this self portrait came from a picture that was taken by the visual feedback system of e-David. We used the perspective of this photo (e-David at work) as the only input data for our painting algorithm. All other input data — region, colour, brush stroke orientation, etc. — was then chosen from a database we work with. We preselected different stroke patterns and hatchings, and then implemented the corresponding arm movements. Liat Grayver (painter) then used a high-level interface that we’ve created specifically for this project to let the painting robot e-David paint his own self portrait. This language is based on masking regions and then selecting one of the predefined variable stroke patterns and the freely selectable paint palettes. The final artwork is then not a reproduction of a photo — it is an original artwork created as the result of a collaboration between e-David and Grayver.

Category: Original artwork

External links

Video for the exhibition 'Brushstrokes in the Digital Age' where e-David smaller version and some of the paintings created in collaboration with Liat Grayver were shown.

Painting sequence of the self portrait.

e-David Self-Portrait - Liat Grayver and Thomas Lindemeier - November 2016

The linked pdf contains a more detailed description of the creation of the e-David selfportrait


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