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Eleanor in Match Point

This is a Manibus-aided acrylic painting on paper measuring 18x24" In this painting, the image represents contemporary ballet as performed by Eleanor, a professional dancer with Ballet Des Moines. The choreography is lively, vibrant and energetic.

Category: Original artwork

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This video shows Manibus in action. Ballet Des Moines professional dancer, Eleanor, (far right) wears the control device on her am instructing the painting robot through her dance movements and the dynamics of her motion. The resulting work of art is a lively and vibrant acrylic painting on paper.

This video describes the intent of the Manibus Project and shows the Manibus robot in action. Manibus was created by visual artist, Amenda Tate Corso. It is a robotic tool utilized to translate the ephemeral and dynamic movement of ballet into a sustaining work of art as an acrylic painting on paper. more info: Manibus Project Amenda Tate Corso, Ballet Des Moines Artist-In-Residence Spring 2017

Des Moines Register Coverage

Front page story and online video of Amenda Tate Corso’s Manibus Project and Artist Residency with Ballet Des Moines


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