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The Starry Night

The Starry Night is an oil on canvas painting by Vincent van Gogh. This masterpiece is one of the most recognized paintings in the history of Western art and is probably Vincent van Gogh's most famous painting. The oil on canvas painting depicts the view outside Van Gogh’s sanitarium room window at Saint-Remy-de-Provence in France. In this artwork, we present haptic human-robot collaboration system based on master-slave delta robot. We first use the bilateral control with motion copying system to record both the interaction force and position responses from artist. We then use the motion replaying system with haptic processing to recreate artwork. The proposed human-robot collaboration system enables robot not only to recreate artworks, but also to improve their performance from the force and position data processing. White, red, yellow black green and blue are used to paint the artwork. The robot mixes white and blue to create light blue, white and yellow to create light yellow and red, blue and yellow to create brown on the palette. Several layers of paint are applied in this re-interpreted artwork. We use round brush size 1 mm. It takes approximately 4 hours, 50 minutes to use a paint brush for this artwork. The total haptic file (position and force data) sizes for recreate artwork are about 3.563 GB.

Category: Re-interpreted artwork

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