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Robotic comp #1

My daughter Tessa was playing at the playground and I snapped a photo of her as she went limp and pretended death on the bars. It is was a moment in somehow in transition between the age of innocence and delinquent young. It makes me laugh & I love it, and it can be read many ways. Tessa entered a school project fair and wanted to do robotics - an "Artbot" specifically. This was my first time every working with robots - we built everything from scratch and learned python and robotic protoyping as we went. I don't think we would of built what we did had we known just how many hours it would require. Together with Tessa's classroom friend Molly and Molly's mother Mary Vosberg, a Kindergardern Teacher, we set out to build a robot that could paint. Mary wanted the Artbot to do abstract art. I wanted to paint Tessa's playground photo. With some hobby programming background in Mathematica and Raspberry Pi's, I tried to code a paint for Tessa's playground photo. But there is an error in my code that skewed the visual representation somehow and results in a abstract playground. And now the deadline is upon us. Code & construction details available at video at, or on tessadoud's youtube channel.

Category: Original artwork

External links

Tessa and Molly's Grade School Project Fair's Artbot

repository for artbot

Open source code for Artbot with some hardware build descriptions so that you too can turn roller skates into a robot made mostly common household items.


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