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Self Portrait of the as a Young Robot

A.R.T., our Aesthetics Robotic Trainee, creates here an entirely autonomous self-portrait using a palatte of blue, green, black, orange, and white. His interpretation of what he "sees" in the mirror is based upon light intensity and color value input that he then translates into variances in position, duration, and intensity of brush strokes on the canvas. More details about the A.R.T.'s creative process may be found in the video and in our engineering notebook, posted at

Category: Original artwork

External links

Portrait of the as a Young Robot

This is a link to a YouTube video of our bot, A.R.T, painting his self portrait.

Art Bot Web Entries

This links to our personal website where we provide a more in depth look at our team and building process, including our engineering notebook and copies of our code.


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