CARP - Custom Autonomous Robotic Painter

Worcester Polytechnic Insititute

Robotics Engineering

Captain: Katie Gandomi

The project was started by a group of seniors at WPI, building a painting robot for our engineering capstone. Today humans out perform robots in problem solving, adaptability, and creativity. In this project, the gap between robotic and human capabilities is brought closer through the development of an autonomous painting robot platform. The custom design of the mechanics, electronics, and software allow for a versatile and portable solution. Image decomposition techniques are used to break down input images into feature areas that are later reconstructed by the robot. Vision feedback is also performed during the painting process to apply corrections to the artwork dynamically. Understanding the motions undertaken by painters and replicating it in a robotic platform can revolutionize the art form, contribute to the scientific advancement of robotic capabilities, and reduce the workload needed to construct large paintings.

Original Artwork

Geometry # 2
Scribbles # 2
Scribbles # 1
Blue Felt
45 Degrees
Gaussian # 1

Re-Interpreted Artwork

Apples and Oranges
Fly to Paradise

Previous work gallery ( not eligible for competition )