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Pink Bouquet (Floral no. 3)

Joanne Hastie - 2018 6" x 6" acrylic on canvas This floral still-life painting was created with a robotic desktop arm programmed with Python. To learn more about my process of working with the robotic arm visit the detailed project page:

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I painted this abstract piece using a robotic arm programmed with Python. It was inspiring to simplify the painting process and paint colorful floral still lifes with a limited palette. Unfortunately when getting this painting ready for the competition some of my video files went corrupt. So I repainted the Pink Bouquet set of brush strokes to try to get a proper video. I realized I loved the first version... in the second version the brush sat a little too high so did not get good coverage. One of the many variables when using a robot to paint.

More information about my process is also on my website:
Project Page

To learn more detail about my project check out my project page.


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