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Diving Dragon

We have applied 'skeletonisation' to the black lines in the original artwork by Derek Comach in order to approximate the path of each brushstroke. There are more intersecting and overlapping lines than in our first artwork, Chrysanthemum, which we handle by splitting the skeleton at the branch points. Note that the line work is also more complex in shape, which would be difficult to fit a defined curve to, but since our skeleton is described in terms of elements - i.e. pixels - in an array, we do not run into the problem of curves which fold back onto itself. Not to point out our own flaws, but the eye of the dragon is difficult to make out in the painting due to our skeletonisation approach, which can retain information about the brush-stroke thickness, but performs rather poorly on complex, concave shapes, as you will see in our dog painting.

Category: Re-interpreted artwork

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