My daughter and I have been working on this project for a few years. I work on the software side, and she designs the robots, giving them some personality. Our desire has been to use this robots to expose children at an early age to science and technology in a fun and entertaining manner. We created the artist-bots having children in mind, they are built using children toys (LEGO parts) and they perform tasks that children can relate to (drawing, painting). Having said that, these robots are very capable and use complex positioning and control algorithms, yet they are presented in a simple manner within reach to the unrestrained mind of a child. Our hope is that these robots motivate children to learn science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM). As for the adults, many of them love these robots too :). The robot’s name is Billy. Billy is a fully self-contained drawing robot. Its internal computer stores the drawings and runs the program without requiring any external signals or user intervention. The robot’s name is Billy (my 7 year-old son names my robots). Billy is a fully automated and self-contained drawing robot. It does not require any external reference to find its location, neither it requires user intervention to make the drawings. Its internal microcomputer estimates the robot location and sends the appropriate control commands to the robot. Billy is made almost entirely with LEGO parts, and that includes the main computer. In order to create the complex algorithms, we set aside the block-stile programing language provided by LEGO and used C and C++. We have been sharing the details of how to do this as well as source code examples in our web site at

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