University of Konstanz

The team behind e-David consists of Oliver Deussen and Thomas Lindemeier. Deussen is professor of Computer Graphics at the University of Konstanz. He is interested in visual abstraction mechanisms and works in the area of so-called non-photorealistic rendering. Thomas Lindemeier is a Ph.D. student at the work group of Prof. Deussen at University of Konstanz. He is interested in non-photorealistic rendering, particularly in painterly rendering, paint simulation, machine learning and computational creativity. Their hypothesis is that painting – at least the technical part of the painting process – can be seen as an optimisation process in which color is manually distributed on a canvas until one is able to recognize the content – regardless if it is a representational painting or not. (Human) optimization happens intuitively during painting and is highly dependent on the medium and its restrictions. So-called academic art used quite specific algorithms for scene layout as well as color and content composition for creating art works. By simulating media and stroke composition a lot of painting-like images were produced, typically by computing pixel information that later was printed on a conventional printer. E-David will substitute this by distributing real paint on real canvas and thus will enable us to implement the whole process of painting production using an optimization framework. This makes it possible to investigate human “optimisation processes” and to find out to what extent such processes can be formulated using algorithms.

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