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Paint Music – ‘How Far by Greek Riots’

Picassnake is our custom-made robot that paints pictures from music. Picassnake consists of an arm and a head, embedded in a plush snake doll. The robot is connected to a laptop for control and music processing, which can be fed through a microphone or an MP3 file. To open the media source, an operator can use the graphical user interface or place a text QR code in front of a webcam. In this scenario, we commanded the robot using QR code to open an MP3 file of ‘How Far by Greek Riots.’ Once the media source is opened, Picassnake generates unique strokes based on the music and translates the strokes to physical movement to paint them on canvas. With mechanical characteristics of the robot and the signature of the music, Picassnake draws an interesting and unique abstract painting of the music.

Category: Fully automated execution

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Project Description

We explain the technical aspects of Picassnake in our website.


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