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Water Rainbow

The blue sea and the odd one out. This painting, although simple, reminds us that we need a little color to be a rainbow. We should celebrate all of our differences and embrace our individual, unique standings in the universe. The robot is composed entirely out of VEX robotics pieces. The Robot works like a 3-D printer (which was our inspiration): it has a X (moving right and left), Y (moving forward and backward), and Z (moving up and down) axis. The paintbrush itself is attached to a worm gear that goes up and down to apply pressure. The worm gear contraption is then entirely attached to a mechanism that moves horizontal across the X-axis. That mechanism is then, again, connected directly to a similar mechanism that travels vertically across the y-axis. This is done by using several gears, motors, and linear motion bars. The whole thing is hooked up to the mainframe and plugged into a battery.

Category: Original artwork

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